Provide a platform to Pakistanis to collaborate, contribute and bring change.

About Muhib-e-Watan

Our Vision

Provide a platform to Pakistanis to collaborate, contribute and bring change.

Our Story

MW is a non-profit organization set up in 2010 by a group of alumni students of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan who desire to connect, contribute and provide some change in the lives of people of Pakistan. The platform welcomes everyone who is concerned about current situation our homeland Pakistan. Problems and issues are numerous but every bit we can do can help develop a better society.

Feedbacks: (Donors, Contributors, Partners)

“salam hai iss qom ko. iss ko kaun hara sakta hai buss moqaa milnay ki dair hai” – A Ghouri (Collaborative Partner MW; Pakistan) [Discussing innovative ways people of Pakistan come up with to survive and solve their problems: School Project)

“Wonderful” – Saami Z (Donor)

“Big round of applause for our collaboration team in Sukkar for their sincere and well organised work in packaging and distribution of these ration bags. I was impressed by their well organised work in putting the Muhib-e-Watan labels on all the packages.

This would not have been possible without their help and true committment, all this effort is very much appreciated” – Z Khan (Member MW)

Masha’Allah….thanks for uploading the pictures…this is enough to eradicate any doubts…..keep up the good work… – S Abbasi (Member MW)

“Great work! keep going guyz” – Noor S (Chairman ‘Support Pakistan’ Holland)

Meet The Team

Our team comprises of volunteers, members and donors. Our charity organization is based on the principles of mutual trust and respect. A relationship based on trust and respect requires every team member to take full responsibility for their actions and this principle has been a true hallmark of our success.

In Pakistan, we collaborate with a local NGO named ‘Hand in Hand’. They have played an instrumental role in the success of our local operations.

Kashif Alim Founding Member
Zeeshan Khan Founding Member / US Coordinator
Taranum Amir Partner ( Hand in Hand) Karachi
Adnan Hassan Team Lead
Jawed Tariq Founding Member / US Coordinator
Shariq Abbasi Treasurer / Founding Member
Atif Siddiqui Founding Member